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Darrell Kendall

Darrell Kendall

Executive Director of RIOS™ Program, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)

Darrell Fleming-Kendall is the Executive Director of RIOS, the recycling industry’s most comprehensive management system, addressing quality, environmental, and health and safety. Fleming-Kendall has served in this role for nearly a decade, helping recycling facilities across the globe improve their performance in each of these key areas. In addition to his role with RIOS, he is a father of three adopted children, a husband, and runs a farm in Northeast Ohio that is focused on sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

All Sessions by Darrell Kendall

Day 5 – April 19 April 19, 2023
2:15 pm - 3:30 pm

Understanding Your Impact: Knowing The Numbers that Matter

Meeting Room 201 AB: Level 2

Track: Business Management 🛈Topics may include day-to-day activities and processes of the facility; business planning and finance; competitive and diversification strategies; growth, profits and productivity; legal issues; human resources and talent/workforce development; marketing and sales; leadership development; commodities hedging; securing and extending credit; buying and selling recyclable materials; insurance and customer service; Logistics, and transportation.
The only thing more impactful to your bottom line than knowing your data is not knowing your data. Do you know your experience modifier, how much loss you experience due to workflow inefficiencies, or how much energy you consume? To change these data points you must first understand them. In this session, panelists will share the value this data and how they work to continually improve their tracking and performance around these data points. As ESG requirements trickle down from your customers and suppliers, and as insurance premiums continue to rise, now is the time to take steps toward understanding and improving your data.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Acceptable Risk? Challenging Your Approach to Health and Safety In Your Facility

Meeting Room 205 A-C: Level 2

Track: Safety and Security 🛈Topics may include those focused on protecting the health and life of recycling facility employees, customers, visitors, contractors, drivers, and the surrounding community; OSHA compliance; disaster preparedness; hazardous materials management; hazard recognition; safety culture; law enforcement; theft; cybersecurity; and infectious disease.
In this session, learn how to take a proactive, risk-first approach to your facility’s health and safety program. Panelists will discuss their companies’ safety programs and why they are focused on leading indicators and comprehensive risk mitigation strategies. They will share how they limit safety incidents, retain staff, and lower insurance premiums. Come away with tools to help you turn a cost into an investment and ways to lower your bottom line.