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Dan Sahd

Dan Sahd

Team Leader, Sahd Metal Recycling

Dan Sahd is Team Leader at Sahd Metal Recycling, a third generation recycled metal processor in Columbia, Pa. Dan grew up in the business working in the yard and then spent 15 years in media sales and research before returning in 2005 and leads the company with his cousin Michael and father Ron. The company has grown, with team building and mentoring a key focus for the group, allowing future leaders to come to the forefront.

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Day 5 – April 19 April 19, 2023
2:15 pm - 3:30 pm

Creating a Resilient Workforce

Track: Business Management 🛈Topics may include day-to-day activities and processes of the facility; business planning and finance; competitive and diversification strategies; growth, profits and productivity; legal issues; human resources and talent/workforce development; marketing and sales; leadership development; commodities hedging; securing and extending credit; buying and selling recyclable materials; insurance and customer service; Logistics, and transportation.
Learn how to create a resilient workforce by expanding the pool of potential employees through apprenticeships, internships, and fellowships. Also learn how to use a simple litmus test to determine if an interested applicant is right for your operations, and hear strategies about how to engage and employees with different abilities, while lowering absenteeism and turnover rates. Taision Kwamilele, a former fellow of ISRI’s Sustainability Pathways Program hired by Schnitzer Steel, will share information about the company’s high school apprenticeship program and other unique approaches to identifying and retaining employees. Dan Sahd of Metal Recycling will talk about a skills test, as well as how investing in staff personal and leadership development helps build a future for your business. Neil Samahon of Opportunity Enterprises will talk about the benefits of employing individuals with different abilities.