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Dalan Zartman

Dalan Zartman

Chief Operations Officer, Energy Security Agency

Dalan Zartman has spent 25 years assigned to a urban heavy rescue as a firefighter - technical rescue specialist and paramedic. As the COO of the Energy Security Agency, he is responsible for overseeing operations at one of the world's leading lithium ion battery destructive research labs. He has performed thousands of large scale battery tests and leads the ESA team in translating that real world knowledge into training programs and services to equip professionals around the world to interact with Electric Vehicles, li ion batteries, and Stationary storage systems in a safe and effective manner.

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Day 6 – April 20 April 20, 2023
9:30 am - 10:45 am

Electric Vehicles: Are You and Your Facilities Ready?

Safety and training are critical as electric vehicles and materials begin to enter the recycling stream. Take back the tools to prepare your workforce to handle these vehicles safely.