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Brad Schmidt

Brad Schmidt

QEHS Manager, ARCOA Group

Brad Schmidt manages the compliance, QEHS management systems, and commercial insurance for ARCOA Group. Brad began like most, odd jobs then a member of ops teams. After obtaining a B.S. in biology at UWP he used his mental acumen, environmental passion, and and desire for affecting improvement and broke into the compliance and QEHS field. Brad enjoys the ever-evolving landscape of the electronics industry since it feeds his thirst for knowledge and making a difference. He has 10+ years of experience, education, and certificates in the arenas of compliance, certifications (ISO, RIOS, e-Stewards, R2, etc.), safety, sustainability, data security, industrial hygiene, human resources, transportation, finance, and more.

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Day 4 – April 18 April 18, 2023
10:45 am - 12:00 pm

The Growing Data Security and Destruction Movement

Meeting Room 209 A-C: Level 2

Track: Safety and Security 🛈Topics may include those focused on protecting the health and life of recycling facility employees, customers, visitors, contractors, drivers, and the surrounding community; OSHA compliance; disaster preparedness; hazardous materials management; hazard recognition; safety culture; law enforcement; theft; cybersecurity; and infectious disease.
Digital devices from 5G smartphones to tablets and other consumer electronics are collecting and storing ever increasing amounts of personal data and other information. Consumers and businesses are increasingly becoming more aware of the risks associated with the proper handling of this equipment to protect valuable and sensitive data. Learn the vulnerabilities of consumer electronics and how you can protect your operation from accidental and preventable data releases.