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Albert Cozzi

Albert Cozzi

Partner, Cozzi Recycling

Albert Cozzi is a partner at Cozzi Recycling and has been in the metal recycling industry for 50 years. After the family business was sold to Metal Management in 1997, Albert became President and eventually Chairman and CEO, leading it to become the largest publicly traded scrap metal firm in the US at that time. After retiring from Metal Management, Albert and his brothers founded Cozzi Consulting and soon they’re after, Cozzi Recycling. Albert graduated from the University of Chicago school of business with an MBA.

All Sessions by Albert Cozzi

Day 4 – April 18 April 18, 2023
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Back to the Future III

Meeting Room 205 A-C: Level 2

Track: Business Management 🛈Topics may include day-to-day activities and processes of the facility; business planning and finance; competitive and diversification strategies; growth, profits and productivity; legal issues; human resources and talent/workforce development; marketing and sales; leadership development; commodities hedging; securing and extending credit; buying and selling recyclable materials; insurance and customer service; Logistics, and transportation.
Presented by the ISRI Century Club

Four industry icons discuss the growth of the industry through a historic look at the past, an overview of the present, and an educated eye towards the future. Take insights built on years of experience back to your organization.